About IICF

About IICF


About Indian Indoor Cricket Federation of India

Indian Indoor Cricket Federation is a registered council. The federation has been preliminary promoted Indoor Cricket game with its sincere efforts in the different state of India. Mr. Mohiner Singh Khasa is the President of IICF and Miss Sunita is Secretary General of IICF. IICF has organized several national level Indoor Cricket of tournaments in past years and promoting this game with its sincere efforts in the different state of India.

About Indoor Cricket
Also known as ‘Cricket in a Cage’
It is an excellent game for younger to get into the sport. Even experienced cricketers can play indoor cricket for practice just as a new challenge.

Key Rules: Hit the ball and run, Hit the net and run, Hit the net further down the pitch and run, run into bowl, run around to field, Just Keep Running. And never argue with the umpire, nothing good has ever come from arguing with someone who sits three metres above you like an overlord.

About the Game
Indoor cricket is played between 2 teams of 8 players. Each player must bowl 2 eight ball overs, and bat in a partnership for 4 overs. Indoor cricket is played on a rectangular, artificial grass surfaced court An indoor cricket 'court' is rectangular, 28m-30m long, 10.5m-12m wide, and roofed by flat netting at 4m to 4.5m high. The walls are also of flexible netting. The cricket pitch is 20m long and 1.8m wide, covered with artificial turf, with the striker's end close to one end of the court.

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